Born, raised and living in Lyon, France, Jean-Francois Galeron was fascinated by motor racing at a very early age. Having studied law at university, he started his photographic career in 1982 by working for a Parisian based picture agency. In the beginning he covered the World Rally Championship, Sportscars and F1 Grands Prix before concentrating solely on circuit racing in the early 90s, and establishing himself as an independent in 1994. He has produced over 20 books on all aspects of the world of Formula 1 and is always looking to uncover the hidden sides of Grands Prix. His motor racing archives, which date back to the 1950s, stand as a reminder of his great passion for the sport.





Born in Lebanon, lived in Switzerland, England and USA, the youth of Jad Sherif already suggested an international career. After a photographic degree in London, and while looking for a job in relation with sports, a chance meeting with an established Formula 1 journalist oriented his life to motor racing. As of the early 80s he started covering Formula One Grands Prix, Sportscars and Desert Rallies before finally concentrating on F1 and Motorcycle GPs as of 1985. He created is own Photographic agency in 1992, with his archives going back to the mid 70s. He now concentrates solely on photographing the world of F1 Grands Prix.